Dreamscape (acrylic an canvas, 8×10 inches)

There is a time and place for everything, Somewhere not very far from where you are.©


Complete things (watercolor and ink on paper, 11.69×16.53 inches)

Let us replace all these emotions with all the love and peace that exists in abundance in us and around, Let us look deep into each others eyes and admire the stars within us and while we wait the light of patience shines even brighter until we kiss again and delve in our imperfections losing ourselves in the oneness of nature, Let us get in the rhythm and create a symphony, Let us not wander any more, Lets love and be at peace together… ©


why don’t we talk to each other in a language which we both don’t understand ?(gouache and ink on paper, 11.69×16.53inches)

And so they gazed at each other wondering about the discomfort of their ‘Selves’ yet the ocean of love could be seen in their eyes whispers of those unsaid words which is suppose to be understood as an idea to define something meant nothing. And so they gazed till their hearts and minds became intimate, Such intimacy made the moulds  that contained their bodies to give up and so they melted together. It was that just that moment when they were not seperate  anymore this symphony of silence was pretty radical such intimate sensuality was surreal. Whatever happened… was all without words and desire. Generated by one.©


I am an alphabet a story a part of the story (pencil colors and ink on paper, 8.27×11.69inches)

Creativity is a big part of who you are, Almost as big as communication. Its certain so before exploring anything else Please do not forget to explore your inner sanctuary.©


SELF. I would rather say this do that or stay like this (acrylic on canvas, 8x10inches)

I am trying to go into this state of introspection of the ‘self’ (me) It is important I want to go into this very deeply with patience without taking anything for granted so that somehow i could begin to understand the purposes, ways, the motives and directions of the mind, Without the need for identification ( Surprisingly it has nothing to do with rythm or repetition or any kind of discipline which actually strengthens the ‘self’) ©


let it go where it wants to (gouache colors on paper, 11.69×16.53inches)

I think once in a while everyone should pick up a paintbrush and just paint dont think about what will you make rather dip  your brush in the color of your choice or no choice and just paint, Let your imagination do it for you let it flow freely without judgement feel the experience believe me in the end you would be amazed with the result because everyone has it, Who knows in the process you may just discover another way to heal yourself.©


Are you “SIRIUS”  (watercolor and ink on paper, 8.21×11.29inches)

Inspired from the great wisdom of the DOGON tribe of Mali, Africa. This tribe  possesses complex astronomical information mostly about the star system Sirius (source: the sirius mystery by Robert k.g. temple).


Cosmic Sea (watercolor on paper, 11.69×16.53inches)

And they regularly keep moving as the beacons of radio light, Looking for a reason to cross their paths again.©


“The light is behind all the information, that is” (watercolor on paper, 8.21×11.29 inches)

We all Dream, Dreams play a vital role in our lives little do we know about it but these so called visions or manifestations are very symbolic in nature, A way of communication between the unconscious and the conscious self . These projections have been driving us as human beings since the time of creation of a man himself, Some are so vivid, euphoric that sometimes they are never forgotten by an individual for the rest of his existence, They inspire us, Hold clues to our everyday lives and what is about to come. These television series are very much responsible for the after effects which one gets after waking up One could either feel Sad, Happy or in Awe. Every dream is absolutely personal to the individual, Two people can see the same symbols but their meaning would be different for both of them.

            So there i was standing right below this light, From a particle of nothing it came into existence shining so bright It somehow felt so real that i could not ignore it and I exclaimed ‘Oh this yearning for something, For something so beautiful never ends just when your imagination is very creative and active’.©


 Andromeda (watercolor and ink on paper, 4.10×9.20inches)

Few things seem unreal as long as you choose not to believe in it, Closest Galaxy to ours,Just when i thought about it she looked like this – Creation. ©


 Let us look inside, Into a beautiful mind (Gouache on paper,11.69×16.53inches)

It is about the conversations that one has with his mind or is it about a place where the waters of thoughts are still It is about a voice which is then heard and echoes in between the lush green forests of information that sourrounds the waters, It is about this state of tranquility that exists within you that says ‘Lets love this place as it has not changed it is still the same, Beautiful as ever as it was. It is’ This is the peace of nothingness  and you are an alphabet. A story. A part of the story, Here comes an awakening this is the bright light It is the source ‘Oh your love is beautiful, You are a beautiful mind’ ©


Slow down. Take a rest. Exhale.Repeat (watercolor and ink on paper,11.69×16.53inches)

In this vastness and emptiness of my mind I felt so alone and lost I asked myself. What is it that needs peace? What is it that needs satisfaction ? What is it that needs pleasure ? What is it that needs anything ? But while I was there I took a pause and tried to be and didn’t try at all, Just then I realised that there was so much of everything in abundance and that there was no need at all I could not ask for more. Just then I felt free, So free to explore I felt free to not to understand and trust one thing I felt free to have faith in many things. So there I was whilst I was there.©


We all are the fragments of that one consciousness. I see orange people
(16″x22″ acrylic on canvas, orange radium powder)

After collecting all the information. I traveled in a dome shaped light vehicle to a place far far away, demolecularized was my body like bits of information floating within the space of this light field that was around me. ©


Look Around (Watercolor, ink on A4 paper)

And I thought that i was the one who is observing oblivious to the truth that i was being observed. Something is waiting within me to enlighten me. I need to research my inner sanctuary. ©