So Grateful you are here.It all started when i realised that there is a whole new possibility of art as a way of self-healing, Introspection, a way of meditation a way of sharing information and a way of telling the truth. Art is not limited to any one particular practice. I believe we are all artists we love to create beautiful memories for us everyday, It could be anything that one loves doing where there is no concept of time or space where you feel so loved whilst being lost in the beauty that you and your creation is one.

As a kid I use to doodle a lot on/with different mediums on walls, paper, text books, question paper, so on and so forth. Absolute random doodling sometimes about dreamy thoughts and sometimes about nothing at all, everything was good then but As I grew older expression became a big issue for me millions of thought passing through my head in seconds, I often found it difficult to express My-Self, What to say or how to say or whatever i was feeling at that particular moment.However all this played an important role in making me more connected to my sorroundings. A place from where i saw everything in all fairness and it sent me to this state of tranquility within me where it was just incredible. That being said I felt empty. Why is it empty? I asked and my-Self said that ‘its yours, Pen down your thoughts’ And so it began this transformation of the “Self” like an explosion in my Head I started visualizing my imagination and writing things down, My thoughts everything the sky seemed full of possibilities and it was so high so much and yet not so much, I got into this whole process of learning and growing with it later I started studying my Dreams. This organized documentation of my thoughts and the unconscious gave me so much inspiration So I started to create. All this is an expression of my freedom, Now I very much feel like a kid again. My name is Snehil Srivastava I am from India and i am still learning.

 Contact: +918375028973